Seamless Customer Onboarding Process

An effective customer onboarding process can be the foundation of your long-term relationship with your customers and a key driver of your business’ growth. 

H can help you onboard your customers at scales you wouldn’t think possible. Here’s how it works:

  1. The H team will help you define your optimal customer onboarding experience, with all the precise steps or markers along the way.
  2. We translate each marker into measurable customer usage data.
  3. We develop a custom dashboard that automatically monitors all customer onboarding engagements and measures the speed and quality of the onboarding process.
  4. Alerts will automatically draw your attention to problems and opportunities so that, rather than trying to engage with every customer all the time, you can focus on engaging the right customers with the right action at the right time. 

The result is accelerated growth with more engaged and happier clients.

Seamless Customer Onboarding Process

Driven by Powerful, Real-Time Insights

Get access to a powerful dashboard with configurable indicators to let you know at a glance how you are doing, and where you need to focus.

Define tactical and strategic alerts to highlight what’s changed and which clients are trending.

customer onboarding process
customer onboarding process

Launch Velocity Drill Down

Discover who is adopting as expected and who needs help

  • Identify specific utilization markers to measure client onboarding

  • Identify thresholds to highlight customers outside of expected onboarding cadence (Better or worse)

  • Monitor progress from backend markers in real time

  • Engage proactively to ensure success

Spot At-Risk Customers

customer onboarding process

How many customers are there in each risk bucket?

Be Aware of At-Risk Revenue

customer onboarding process

How much revenue is in each risk bucket?